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Welcome to Impacting Our Youth!

Thank you for visiting our website! At Impacting Our Youth, Inc. (IOY), our goal is to help to “Help prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s success.”

We do this by raising funds to provide scholarships for boys and girls ages 10-17 to participate in the basketball league and leadership conferences offered by Team Impact Hoops.


Impacting Our Youth, Inc. came into existence because Team Impact receives numerous scholarship requests from parents with kids interested in participating in the programs offered.

Many families make requests for scholarships because they are unable to pay the player fees and youth leadership conference fees.

Unfortunately, this means that numerous kids are unable to participate simply due to their family’s economic situation.

Many of the kids that are currently turned away, are from single parent homes, families that are dealing with major health issues, kids with a parent that is deployed overseas, children being raised by grandparents, etc.

These are great kids and it’s heartbreaking to have to say no to their scholarship requests, simply because Team Impact doesn’t have the financial resources. Our belief is that no child should ever be turned away simply because of their inability to pay.

In the past, a few generous donors have agreed to pay player fees on behalf of a child. Unfortunately, many others have been willing to make contributions but once they realized the donation would not be tax deductible, they have declined.

This is the reason why Impacting our Youth, Inc. is necessary. Impacting Our Youth has been formed to provide a fund-raising arm for Team Impact, with tax exempt status* to attract more donors and fund more scholarships.

Impacting Our Youth’s purpose is to raise funds to provide scholarships so that every child that wants to play in the basketball program or attend a leadership conference, can do so.

If you are so inclined, please consider a donation to help fund scholarships for children from economically disadvantaged families. You may donate here.

*As of February 20, 2020 Impacting Our Youth, Inc. was granted tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Click here for a copy of our determination letter.