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Why Scholarships are Necessary

Impacting Our Youth’s sole purpose is to raise funds to provide scholarships to cover player fees and conference attendee fees.

Scholarships are necessary for many student-athletes to participate in sports and other athletes. Without a scholarship to cover player fees, many student-athletes simply would not be able to participate.

Team Impact player fees cover the cost of uniforms, shooting shirts, player association dues for AAU and YBOA , player insurance, tournament fees, gym rental, etc. The cost per player ranges between $600-$700 per year.

Some families have difficulty covering the cost of player fees and need help. This is easy to understand when you hear that the “63% of Americans don’t have enough in savings to cover a $500 emergency.”

The families that seek scholarships from Team Impact are:

  • Single parents
  • Parents with substantial medical bills
  • Grandparents on fixed incomes caring for children
  • Parents deployed overseas
  • Parents that have recently lost jobs

During an average year, Team Impact receives twenty-five (25) scholarship requests from parents that need financial assistance.

Of the twenty-five, Team Impact is only able to grant 1/3 or approximately (8) of the applicants scholarships. That leaves seventeen (17) children (that are qualified to play), unable to participate in the program due to their inability to pay.

It’s heartbreaking to tell a parent that their child won’t receive a scholarship simply because the funds aren’t available. It’s even worst to see the expression on a child’s face when they learn they won’t be able to play.

We need your help to make more scholarships available so that children aren’t turned away because their families can’t afford the fees.

Will you help by making a donation today?